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About Us

Navigational products distribution

E-Data LLC is a major distributor of nautical charts in Russia. It was founded in St. Petersburg in 2012.

The company is an authorized sub-distributor of Voyager Worldwide.

We distribute electronic/paper navigational charts and publications of the British Admiralty www.admiralty.co.uk as well as UNIO MO RF (Russian Hydrographic Office) www.mil.ru.

We provide the British Admiralty solutions (ENC AVCS, ADP, AENPs e-Nautical publications), PRIMAR products, as well as electronic publications of Witherby, IMO, ITU, UKHO (UK  Hydrographic Office) www.gov.uk 

Print On Demand system allows you to get the British Admiralty chart of any type within one hour.

Digital navigation software

E-Data LLC develops easy to implement, accessible and reliable digital navigational solutions. We supply and support:

Azimuth Documents Digital Service (ADDS) – the automated system of records storage and management which makes the process of correcting and updating paper/electronic navigational charts and publications easier.

TGT e-Data tgtedata.com is the system of electronic notifications to the seafarers which enables to maintain automatically state-of-the-art onshore and onboard collection of paper charts and nautical publications of the major member states of the International Hydrographic Organization. Our TGT e-Data software can be run on any Windows computer, is an easy one-step installation process, and will not require spending hours on manuals and learning to be operated.

Voyager Fleet Insight (VFI) – an online service which helps large shipping companies to enhance the effectiveness.

Our company strives to comply with established standards of  ISO 9001. We are constantly improving the quality of our work and services provided to our customers.


E-Data team

Our team consists of active and motivated people. We are different, but we all are united by one desire - to provide only high-quality service. We value our customers and use our knowledge, experience and expertise to facilitate support both at sea and ashore and to guarantee the quality of the navigational products provided. More...


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Contact our sales office: +7 (812) 6177932, sales@edatallc.com
For technical support please contact: support@tgtedata.com