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The British Admiralty (UKHO) Digital Publications (ADPs)

The Nautical Publications of British Admiralty (UKHO) in Digital Format

The  British Admiralty (UKHO) Digital Publications (ADPs)

With the ongoing digitalization process in the maritime industry many our customers have switched to digital. We supply all the nautical publications of British Admiralty (UKHO) in electronic form.

To use the digital publications, you need a personal computer (laptop) with a simple software installed (the crew can install it by link).

To open global coverage zones, you should have a license.


The following ADPs are available to order:

ADLL ADP - ADMIRALTY Digital List of Lights

ADRS ADP - ADMIRALTY Digital Radio Signals 1,3,4,5  

ADRS ADP - ADMIRALTY Digital Radio Signals 2

ADRS ADP - ADMIRALTY Digital Radio Signals 6



For example, the Global Coverage Zones  scheme of ADRS  Radio Signals 6

ADRS zones

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